Family & Unified Family Law

Divorce can be emotionally painful for all parties involved, in particular for your child. It is an unforgettable experience that will change your family dynamics. The end result will affect you and your children for a very long time.

Our firm has the legal experience you need when you are facing divorce or separation. Lucy is acutely aware that there are many important and time-sensitive issues that must be dealt with during the divorce process that impact families as a whole.

The law firm of Lucy C. Pineiro & Associates, Inc., will represent you in the following cases:

  • Child Custody and Timesharing: oftentimes, parents cannot reach an agreement on timesharing and parental responsibility issues. However, working with Ms. Pineiro, Esq., a skilled family law attorney can make this process easier. Ms. Pineiro, Esq., strives to diffuse the personal, heated disputes that often occur when discussing child related issues and advocates to resolve the legal issues in a manner that is most beneficial to you and your child.
  • Parental Relocations: when one parent seeks to move out of the State of Florida to another state. Relocation cases are very difficult and can have a long-term emotional impact on a child. Ms. Pineiro, Esq. will competently guide you through the complicated legal relocation process.
  • Child Support: Florida, like most other states has set up specific guidelines for child support payments. However, sometimes parents can make an agreement that is customized to meet their individual needs and have it approved by the court.
  • Uncontested Divorce: even if you and your partner have determined that divorce is the right choice for both of you, it may be necessary to have an attorney. You need to make sure that your legal rights are protected and to ensure that your Marital Settlement Agreement fairly and accurately sets forth the division of martial property and that you have a meaningful and customized Parenting Plan.

Divorce is often messy and having an attorney, like Ms. Pineiro, Esq., who will aggressively advocate for you through the emotionally charged legal process can make it far less stressful for you.

Regardless of whether you are going through a contested divorce, need help with equitable property division or have an ongoing child custody dispute, you can rely on our firm for quality legal representation.