How I see things

If everyone were raised in happy and nurturing homes, our world would without a doubt be a better place. At a very early age love and a sense of belonging starts at home. I believe that if our children were treated with love, we would have far less children in foster care, US divorce and crime rates would be lower, sex trafficking would be significantly reduced and people would be emotionally stronger.  

Considering the above, I assist my clients in focusing on the short and long term needs of their children, during a time when judgement is typically blurred by anger and/or broken hearts and dreams.

I stress to my clients the importance of having their children feel loved by both parents instead of placing innocent lives in damaging situations and/or using them as spies or messengers. Not surprisingly, I am totally against parental alienation and opine that the law must change to implement more severe consequences for parents who do this.

I practice law from a legal and therapeutic perspective.  I practice family and adoption law because I make a difference every day in people's lives by either helping to create “forever families”; or in divorce and paternity cases a commitment to preserve family values as much as possible.

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Finally, I enjoy my adoption work because for it represents life, stability and the chance to provide a new beginning to an innocent child. It represents the chance for unconditional love, emotional protection, and hope. I invite you to visit my adoption site for more details:

Lucy C. Pineiro, Esq.