Managing the Adoption Process

Adoption is the legal procedure by which a child, through court action, becomes part of a family other than that of his or her birth parents. Adoption permanently severs the ties with birth parents and relatives and transfers the child into a new family where he or she will remain permanently.

For the most part, to the birth parents, adoption usually relinquishes the child forever without the privilege of seeing the child or being otherwise involved in the child’s life. However, in open adoption, birth parents retain the right to communicate or visit the child, depending upon the parties’ agreement.

For the adoptive parent, adoption means providing a child with a forever family and caring and loving a child as a child naturally born to you. There are different types of adoptions that include:

  • Private Adoption,
  • Second Parent (Same-Sex) Adoption,
  • Relative Adoption,
  • Step-Parent Adoption,
  • Foster Parent (Dependency Court) Adoption,
  • Haitian Orphan Adoption,
  • Interstate Compact Adoption, and
  • Adult Adoption

Our firm is experienced and skilled in representing prospective adoptive parents in all national adoptions. Too, we have demonstrated experience in negotiating adoption subsidies issues between foster parent and caregivers in the dependency system and the State the Florida.

As a staunch adoption advocate, our firm will guide you every step of the way throughout your adoption process to ensure that the adoption is successfully legally finalized on a timely and forever basis.